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Book List 2019-2020

We have negotiated a discount for a bulk order of books for our classes and have passed this discount on to our parents. We have also instigated a book rental scheme across the classes.

Rochestown ETNS Junior Infants Book List-2019-2020

Rochestown ETNS Senior Infants Book List 2019-2020

Rochestown ETNS First Class Book List 2019-2020

Rochestown ETNS Second Class Book List 2019-2020

Rochestown ETNS Third Class Book List 2019-2020

Rochestown ETNS Fourth Class Book List 2019-2020

Rochestown ETNS Fifth Class Book List 2019-2020


Information Booklet

This is an Information Booklet for parents of Junior Infants and other interested parties to download:

Rochestown Educate Together National School Information Booklet 2019-2020


School Calendar

Here is a calendar with our school closures and holidays for 2019/2020:

2019-20 School Calendar (Revised)



A note on policy

Rochestown Educate Together NS’s policies are currently being developed. The following policies have been ratified by our Board of Management:



We would remind parents that there are pupils in our school with nut and kiwi allergies so no nut products or kiwis are allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


School Self Evaluation and School Improvement

Our school undertakes school self evaluation along with our partners: our pupils, parents and the Department of Education and Skills. This process is aimed at improving the teaching and learning at Rochestown Educate Together National School.


Whole School Evaluation (Management, Leadership and Learning)

In February 2018 our school participated in its first WSE. A WSE is undertaken by inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills. It reports on the quality of teaching and learning and on the quality of management and leadership in a school. It affirms good practice and makes recommendations, where appropriate, to aid the further development of educational provision in the school. Below please find the final report, which was published in May 2018:

WSE Report 2018



The DES Inspectorate revisited our school in May 2019 for a Follow Through Inspection in relation to the recommendations of our WSE. Below please find their report, which was published in September 2019:

WSE Follow Through Report 2019


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